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Making Connections. Helping Save Lives.

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

At Chispa, we pride ourselves for always finding ways to support our community because we REALLY love our cultura ❣️

This time, we are SO honored we get to team up with The White House to support nuestra comunidad and help end the COVID-19 pandemic by getting every Latinx vaccinated (todos, toditos… like your mami, abuelitos, tias, comadres, hermanos y tu media naranja).

For many of our members, understanding the vaccine status of their potential dates is an important first step and can bring peace of mind. We care about tu tranquilidad, so we are making this possible for you on Chispa 🙌🏼.

Soon, as a Chispa member, you will be able to add a Vacunado badge to your Chispa profile to show you care and want everyone to get vaxed!

And, if you decide to proudly display your badge and show others you are helping us and the White House end this pandemic, we’ll also boost your profile. Yes! You read that right! When you show-off your Vacunado badge, we’ll give you a free Boost on Chispa to make your profile more visible to your matches so your amazing self can show-off too!

¡Vamos, mi gente! It’s time to get back out there, to enjoy besos, abrazos y cariñitos (and posadas, el perreo, el party y la barbacoa). Let’s get Vacunados for a safer dating!

Proudly Teaming Up with The White House

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