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January 20–February 17

Aquarius General Meaning 


Ruler of the 11th house in Astrology, the air element Zodiac sign centers their friendships and relationships above all else. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. They’re eclectic, quirky and out-of-the box thinkers. Praised for their “ni modo attitude”, don’t expect an Aquarius to get involved en chisme or quarrels. They’re so unbothered and unphased, which makes them easily misunderstood. 


Aquarius is the sign of invention, philanthropy and revolution. They’re sort of like the cosmic children of the Zodiac and you can find them geeking out over aliens, astronomy and spirituality. Aquarius also oversees technology. You’ll notice Aquarius has all the latest tecnología. 


Symbolized by the water bearer, you’ll notice agua (water) is significant in the name as well. Hence, Aqua (agua) for Aquarius. This is no coincidence. Piénsalo. It’s deeper and significant. Giving insight into how these individuals are adaptable, quick to move on and don’t let las emociones cage them in. 


Personality and Characteristics of Aquarius


Aquarius is a fixed sign in Astrology. This makes them strong in their point of views and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. This doesn’t mean they’re not open minded though. Al contrario, once you get to know these socialites you’ll notice they love to push the envelope with radical thinking. They love unconventional relationships and people. They’re not concerned with popularity and prefer autenticidad.


An Aquarius values la amistad and usually allows their romantic relationships to evolve from a friendship first scenario. They treat friends like family, which is one of their endearing traits. Which is how they usually end up in a relationship with an amigue because they believe friendship is a strong basis for love. 











Best type of Relationship for Aquarius


Similar to Sagittarius, these folks have a strong need for personal freedom in a relationship. Mostly due to them always in their head thinking about the mysteries of the world, Aquarius needs space to create and contemplate. They’re far from clingy and will be sure to give you your own personal time as well. They believe in having their own group of friends outside of mutual friendships from their significant other. They’ll cheer you on by encouraging you to take that girl’s trip or to have a guy’s night because they see it as an opportunity to make sure you don’t feel suffocated in the connection


As the opposite sign of Leo in the Zodiac, Aquarius shies away from public attention. Lowkey gatherings and chill are more their vibra. They’re not opposed to having a lover who is popular or well known. They would rather support you from behind-the-scenes while you shine. 


How to Win an Aquarius Over 


Invite an Aquarius to meet your friends instead of your family. This is a huge deal for them and makes them feel accepted, and secure in your relationship. By inviting them into your friend group, you display que hablas en serio, and are proud to show them off. Win an Aquarius over by telling them what makes you quirky. They love to goof off and joke. Make them laugh with your off-the-wall and random skills like burping on-the-spot or sipping milk through your nose. They love the unexpected. 


Allow Aquarius to do all the chasing. Let them make the first move and reach out. Of course reciprocating is appreciated on their end. No te confundas if your Aquarius seems short with their replies as them not being interested. At times, they can be emotionally detached, which tends to hurt them in relationships. Helping an Aquarius voice their feelings is a way you can nurture and support your soon-to-be media naranja. 


What Aquarius Expects in Romance


Cuidado con trying to force an Aquarius to do anything they’re not ready to do. They will adamantly show you they cannot be controlled. A relationship that encourages an easy going nature is their preference. They don’t do ultimatums or restrictions. With that being said, encourage them to let loose and be playful. They tend to be very serious without even trying. Hence why they appreciate a partner that can make lighthearted of tough times. 


Aquarius Love Predictions for 2023

Love in 2023 is shaping up to be promising for you Aqua. The last 2.5 years Saturn has been in your sign creating restrictions. You’ve probably ended some karmic love relationships or had to let go of some significant friendships in your life. Now that Saturn will transit into Pisces come March 2023, all restrictions in love are being lifted. ¡Órale! This is the news we’re happy to deliver to you. Expect a visit from cupido because you’re first on his list to send a soulmate. Update that profile photo and refresh your Chispa profile, because love is coming to town. In 2023, you’ll not only be dating frequently, but you’ll feel the need to refresh your look. It’s time to rebrand and update your wardrobe. You’re feeling inspired and ready para impresionar.

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