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March 20–April 19

Aries General Meaning 


It’s easy for these fire signs to capture the admiration of others because their aura is confident and sensual. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a natural born leader. Known as one of the most extrovertido signs, 'these active folks aman la aventura. With so much energy, you’re guaranteed to stay busy and pasándola bien every second you spend with a lovable Aries. 


Personality and Characteristics of Aries


As an Aries, expect them to make the first move. Yup, these bold and brave souls don’t mind letting their crush know that they’re into them. If an Aries is always going out of their way to be chatty with you, take it as a hint that they really enjoy your conversations! Por eso, Aries love to be the pursuer and not the pursued. Pero, don’t hesitate to let an Aries know the feeling is mutual because they thrive off direct and honest communication. 


At times, these cardinal Zodiac signs can be impulsive. This behavior keeps life with an Aries fun and unpredictable. They certainly know how to keep things interesting. However, their constant irrational decisions can be a bit confusing and inconsistent for some. 


Aries are mostly upbeat personalities. Unless they’re involved in some sort of competition, you can expect these naturally athletic beings to take finishing first very seriously. If they’re competing for your heart or for the number one spot, know Aries will do whatever it takes para ganar tu corazón.











Best type of Relationship for Aries


A relationship that is full of spontaneity and is charged with passion is most appealing to an Aries person. These highly motivated individuals prefer to surround themselves with lovers who are equally ambitious because they want to be able to explore the world with someone who is just as curious about life. 


Claro, they don’t mind quiet and romantic moments with their special persona. However, an Aries person would rather cuddle up at the top of a treehouse in Costa Rica while on vacation than being stuck at home for too long. 


The best type of relationship for an Aries is one that nurtures organic leadership abilities. Aries shine at guiding others and have a great knack for understanding the needs of others as well. Aries appreciate a relationship that is built off healthy compromise where they too can have equal input. But, they don’t want to be the one making all the decisions all the time. Aries enjoys it when their crush surprises them también. 

How to Win an Aries Over 


Chisperos, has an Aries captured your heart? Primero, let’s get one thing situated. These fiery Latin lovers enjoy the thrill of the chase. Aries are very sure of who and what they like. They’re very primitive with their passion and don’t like to be the one who is hunted. They must do the hunting when it comes to el amor. Have fun, be flirty and exchange playful jokes with your Aries crush. They love a good chiste as an ice breaker. 


At times overly confident, these charismatic daredevils are big softies at heart. They enjoy relationships that are a safe space for them to unravel their inner romantic. After a hot and sexy love making session they want to be able to Netflix y chill afterwards because as much as they crave their independence they also love feeling supported. 


If there’s una palabra that is the furthest from describing an Aries, it’s the word boring. Meaning, there’s never a dull moment with these witty thinkers. This means they desire their counterpart to be just as vivacious with their personalidad. They aren’t really into personalities that are too relaxed or that have no opinion or sense of self. Impress an Aries by not backing down on your opinions, but by also by being open minded at the sametime. Fairweathered personalities are a huge turnoff for Aries. They’re all about the power couple kind of vibe. 


Lastly, they appreciate people who bring new ideas and conversations to the table. Share all about your life’s experiences and how they’ve shaped you into the well-rounded person que tú eres. They’re impressed by accomplishments, what you’ve overcome, and get turned on by your list of upcoming goals you’re pursuing. 


What Aries expects in Romance


Aries, also known as the ram of the Zodiac, expects a romance that’s a whirlwind of constant stimulation. These active beings do not like being bothered with the mundane aspects of the world. Entonces, you gotta keep things spicy and stimulating. Try new restaurants, visit foreign places and indulge in a little role playing inside of the bedroom every now and again when dating an Aries. 


As the natural born athletes of Astrology, activity, fitness, and movement are integral aspects of living la vida for the Aries person. Expect to have a busy social calendar filled with exciting events because Aries expects their partner to be just as popular, or at least comfortable with socializing. From random rock climbing on the weekends to hitting up multiple bodas in a month as their plus one, Aries are busy bodies and they require a partner that can keep up with their productive lifestyle. Get ready for a courtship unlike no other when you date an Aries! 


Aries Love Predictions for 2023


Aries, 2023 is your year! A major eclipse on April 20th will be falling in your zodiac sign. This is a big deal because it will help you usher in new beginnings in love and prosperity. Solteros can expect new romance and tons of dating opportunities. If you’re narrowing down your dating pool and finding yourself getting serious, this means you can expect the relationship to evolve to the next level. Cupid is on your side in 2023 and helping you out in the love department. Have fun and don’t be afraid to date outside of your comfort zone with a fellow fire astrology sign like another Aries or a Leo or Sagittarius. Have fun, Aries!


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