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Meet Gigi,
The First-Gen Mentor 

Financial educator,  speaker, influencer, and author of the bestselling book,
Cultura & Cash. 

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, Chispa has teamed up with personal finance guru, Giovanna González. We will be offering invaluable insights and advice on navigating financial discussions while dating, ensuring singles can find partners who share their financial goals and values.


With her expertise in guiding first-generation individuals through life's complexities, particularly within the Latino community, Gigi's perspective is both relatable and insightful.


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Learn the keys to financial compatibility with Gigi & Chispa:

1. Cultural Connection in Financial Compatibility
2. Understanding Financial Mindsets
3. Navigating Financial Conversations
4. Shared Financial Goals
5. Overcoming Financial Challenges
6. Celebrating Financial Successes
7. Building Financial Trust
8. Planning for the Future
9. Creating Financial Harmony
10. Embracing Cultural and Financial Compatibility

Let’s learn juntos. ¡Vamos!

Meet Gigi 
Learn how to approach financial conversations early in a relationship.


You can open up the conversation by sharing that you’re learning a lot about money by reading books. Those money books talk about the importance of financial compatibility. Assure the date you’re excited to continue getting to know them, but that talking about money is important to you and you’d like to chat about it.  We encourage you to do this as early as the 3rd date! 


Most children of immigrants didn’t have regular money discussions at home, because our parents were working hard and adapting to a new country.  Financial trauma is not uncommon in the first gen community. But it’s important for us to have self awareness and have the willingness to heal our money wounds through therapy. 


Money affects every aspect of your life, like where you live, what type of food you eat, and what kind of healthcare you have access to. When dating, you want to find a partner who has a similar lifestyle to you, and their money goals will be a good indication of their current status and where they want to be. 


The Latin community is very family oriented. Which means a lot of us take pride in providing financial support to extended family, like aging parents, grandparents, siblings or other family members who may need our help. This adds an additional layer to being financially compatible with someone. If you hold different money and family values, it may cause arguments and stress in your relationship later on.

Your Personal Finance Tool Box, pa’ que no te falte nada! 
We prepared this curated list to help you find the right resources for you.  Sometimes it can be scary or intimidating to talk about these things, but learning about financial literacy can help improve your personal relationships and your overall well being.   Vamos, let’s do this!


Say Hola Wealth: A financial coaching agency by Luzy King, focusing on wealth building for Latinas through investing and entrepreneurship​​​​​​.


Voto Latino (Financial Literacy): Engages and educates the Latine community on financial literacy to foster economic empowerment.


LULAC (Latinos for a Secure Retirement): Focuses on ensuring a secure retirement for Latinos through advocacy and education.


The Hispanic Federation (Personal Finance Workshop): Offers personal finance workshops aimed at economic empowerment for the Hispanic community.


The Latino Educational Fund: Provides resources and programs to support the educational advancement and leadership development of Latino youth.


Hispanic Access Foundation (Finance): Aims to improve financial well-being in the Hispanic community through access to resources and education.


FDIC's Money Smart: A comprehensive financial education program designed to help individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.


MANA: Offers financial literacy programs focusing on empowering Latinas to achieve economic independence and financial education.


The Hispanic Wealth Project: Seeks to triple Hispanic household wealth by 2024, focusing on home ownership, entrepreneurship, and investment.


Qualitas of Life Foundation: Provides financial education for Hispanic individuals and families in the US, aiming to improve their quality of life.

We All Grow Latina: A community empowering Latina entrepreneurs and creators.

Brands / Apps

FinHabits: A bilingual platform providing easy-to-use financial tools and advice, focusing on building healthy financial habits within the Latine community.

SUMA Wealth: Empowers the Latine community with financial education and tools through its app, aiming to increase financial literacy and wealth-building opportunities.

Saber Es Poder: Delivers essential information and resources on a wide range of financial topics to empower the Latine community.

Crediverso: A financial platform offering a variety of services, including credit checks, money transfers, and comparisons of financial products, tailored for the Latine audience.

Latino Wall Street: Provides education on financial markets and investing, aimed at empowering the Latino community with the knowledge to invest and build wealth.

Snowball Wealth: Offers personalized financial advice with a focus on helping users to pay off debt, save more, and improve their overall financial health.

Money Geeks: Offers comprehensive guides and tools to help individuals make informed financial decisions, from managing debt to investing wisely.


Cultura and Cash: Lessons from the First Gen Mentor for Managing Finances and Cultural Expectations by Giovanna González: This book explores the intersection of culture and finance, offering insights into how cultural backgrounds influence financial decisions and success.


Mind Your Money: Insight Stories and Strategies to Help You Reach Your #MoneyGoals by Yanely Espinal: Espinal combines personal anecdotes with practical advice, aiming to inspire and guide readers toward achieving their financial goals through relatable stories and strategies.


Jefa in Training: The Business Startup Toolkit for Entrepreneurial and Creative Women by Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda: Ojeda provides a comprehensive guide for women looking to start their own businesses, focusing on creative and entrepreneurial endeavors with step-by-step advice and tools.


A Latina’s Guide to Money by Eva Macias: Macias offers tailored financial advice for Latina women, emphasizing empowerment and practical steps to achieve financial stability and growth.


Financially Lit!: The Modern Latina’s Guide to Level Up Your Dinero & Become Financially Poderosa by Jannese Torres: Torres aims to empower modern Latina women with the knowledge and tools to improve their financial literacy, level up their money management skills, and achieve economic empowerment.

Journey to Financial Freedom: A Latina’s path to managing money the right way, Darlene Nuñez: Nuñez shares a pathway for Latina women towards financial freedom, focusing on effective money management techniques and overcoming cultural and personal financial challenges.


Yo Quiero Dinero: A vibrant podcast focusing on personal finance for the modern Latina that offers insights into budgeting, investing, and entrepreneurship to achieve financial independence.

Ch*ngona Revolution: This podcast brings together voices of empowerment while featuring stories and interviews with inspiring Latinas who are breaking barriers and shaping the future.

Latina to Latina: An intimate conversation between Latinas in various industries, sharing personal stories of success, struggle, and identity. 

Debt Free Latina: This podcast offers practical advice on managing debt, budgeting effectively, and financial planning to achieve a debt-free life.

Latina Leadership Podcast: Focuses on the empowerment and professional development of Latina leaders, featuring advice, stories, and strategies from successful Latina professionals across fields.

Her Dinero Matters: A personal finance podcast that focuses on building wealth, financial confidence, and advice on navigating unique financial challenges.

Latinas Booked Out: This podcast provides strategies, motivation, and insights on growing a business, personal development, and achieving professional success.

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