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August 23–September 22

Virgo General Meaning 


Virgos are the sixth sign in the Zodiac wheel and are considered an Earth element Astrology sign. Their analytical nature and intelligence is admirable, making these Earth signs lifelong students. They love to learn and hold a wide range of fun facts to share. You’ll want a Virgo as your media naranja because they’re great listeners, mindfully observant and incredibly smart. Virgos are born between August 22nd through September 23rd. 


Virgos at their core root for the underdog and are dedicated to social justice issues. Some of the most common careers you’ll find a Virgo in is politics, teaching or writing. They know how to make learning sexy. These Earth element Zodiac signs have more of a dry sense of humor and are slow at making the first move. You have to make it really obvious to a Virgo you’re into them so they can get the hint. You’ll know this mutable Zodiac sign is into you when they want to spend más tiempo with you over a cafecito to discuss their favorite books and movies. 


Personality and Characteristics of Virgo


Ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication and knowledge, that’s a guaranteed characteristic of a Virgo. They love to share their wealth of knowledge, making them a valuable asset. Virgos aren’t into one word replies. These secret romantics will pour their heart out to you through poetry. Expect lengthy exchanges of DMs and you’ll spend all day excited texteando with them. 


They are competitive and have really high standards. Oftentimes, they place high expectations on themselves and others. Virgos might struggle with confidence so they tend to desire validation, which makes them superstars at what they do. Just look at Beyoncé and Kobe Bryant, two Virgos who are chivos (g.o.a.t.s. aka: greatest of all time) in their fields. Virgos have incredible determination and follow through. They are people of their word. A Virgo will never let you down because they take their promesas en serio. 
















Best type of Relationship for Virgo


Next to Geminis, Virgos are the other sapiosexuals of the Zodiac signs. They need mental stimulation and in-depth conversations. As some of the more friendly people in Astrology, you can expect Virgos to have a busy social life. They are also super independent. Having a relationship that values independence, but also doing things juntos is ideal. Binging out on true crime and docu series are sort of their favorite pastimes for dating. These practical people don’t need over-the-top gestures. They simply want quality time with their media naranja. 


Virgos are into people who are caring and helpful. They love to be of service and would appreciate a relationship that also gives back. Doing volunteer work or charity drives isn’t out of the norm on their list of dating ideas. Since they’re really into health and wellness, they like doing physical activities such as hiking or yoga. Stay active with a Virgo because they’ll keep you mentally and physically busy with their large list of tasks. They are great at staying organized and prefer a partner who isn’t messy. 


How to Win a Virgo Over 


Make a Virgo feel relaxed and at ease. These self-proclaimed perfectionists are naturally prone to anxious bouts. Create a safe space that allows them to know they can be auténtic@ with no pressure or expectations. These people aren’t boring or rigid even though they’re very disciplined. They appreciate a partner who is adaptable and full of surprises. Win a Virgo over by being able to go with the flow when plans fall apart. Remember, they are free spirits. 


What Virgo Expects in Romance


They expect a partner that is dedicated to holding their end of the bargain. They take commitments very seriously and don’t like to be let down. Virgos have a tendency to be a bit critical of others so they need someone to kindly remind them when they might be seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. They need an optimist who is practical. 

They are big softies and are into romance over pasión. Acts of service is their love language. Go out of your way to help them. They are practical, so that means helping them with house chores or deciding to drive them to their next appointment is a pleasant way to show you’re being thoughtful. They are selfless givers and would love that in return. 


Virgo Love Predictions for 2023


In 2023, your chances at love are increased by exploring the arts. Virgo, go on dates at concerts, museums or try a wine and paint night. The love Astrology of 2023 favors creativity and artistic expression. You’re naturally artistic people when you don’t get too caught up on overthinking. Try taking up dance lessons or music lessons if you’re ready to meet other solter@s. Suggest your next date with your Chispa match to be at the local museum for some variety and insatiable thought provoking dialogue. Relax in 2023 and you’ll manifest mucho amor. 

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