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November 22–December 20

Sagittarius General Meaning 


Sagittarius is a fire sign element in Astrology. It’s known for being ambitious, free spirited and spiritual. Those born from November 22nd to December 23rd are blessed to have this as their Zodiac sign. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, they are natural born teachers, outstanding philosophers and true go-getters. They don’t hesitate to go after what they want and are gifted entrepreneurs. 


Falling at the end of a season, in this case Fall, this makes them a mutable sign in the Astrological wheel. They crave adventure and embody curiosidad. You’re guaranteed to be inspired if you have a Sag in your vida. They’re creative, poetic and sensual. If we had to guess, a Sagittarius must’ve inspired Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” because Sagittarius are apasionados y suaves.


Personality and Characteristics of Sagittarius


Sagittarius is definitely the optimist of all the Zodiac signs. They’re mostly happy and are always finding a way to look on the bright side. They’re also some of the best dancers. Represented by the Archer in Astrology, their symbol is half man and half horse. Their legs are some of their best physical features and they’re super atlétic@s. They are active and hard to catch!


Their personality is bubbly and you’ll notice they have many amigues. They’re very chatty and aren’t afraid to initiate a conversation con quien sea. That’s because they’re a mutable sign, meaning, they’re flexible and know how to fit in. Not only are they great listeners, but they’re

also impeccable storytellers. Since they’re ruled by the planet Jupiter, they’re prone to move a lot, travel tons and seek out new experiences. They are a true “people person.”















Best type of Relationship for Sagittarius


Known as the philosophers of the bunch, they crave a relationship that is mentally stimulating. But they’re also creative. They enjoy poetry and reading up about different religions. Sagittarius values a relationship that is open-minded like them. Don’t be surprised if one day your Sagittarius admirador decides they want to live in a tiny home or travel the Country living that #vanlife. They have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Entonces, you have to be ready to invoke your inner fearless self when dating a Sag. 


Romantically, they enjoy the unexpected. Living a life of organized chaos is their kryptonite. If you enjoy thrills and rollercoasters, you’re going to be una combinación perfecta. A partner that is always straightforward, but also empathetic will do a Sagittarius well. They don’t beat around the bush and appreciate bluntness. 


How to Win a Sagittarius Over 


Let’s be honest, it takes a lot to convince a Sagittarius that they need to be in a relationship. Why? These wanderlust roaming spirits don’t like to feel bogged down by an old ball and chain. Give them su espacio and let them explore. They don’t do too well with fixed signs like Taurus or Scorpio. Signs that are more comfortable with going with the flow like Aquarius, Libra or Leo could match really well with this fire sign. 


Of course they don’t want someone who is all about toxic positivity, but they don’t like negative people.Tóxic@s stay away! Sagittarius have the spiritual gift of being solution oriented. Win them over with your curious outlook and positive suggestions. Also, if you don’t like being flexible with your schedule then you’re going to struggle keeping up with a Sag. You have to be ready to try new experiences if you’re going to roll with these trendsetters of their generación. Get ready to use your flight miles and book that viaje.

What Sagittarius Expects in Romance


They want a fellow unconventional lover. Be ready to break estereotipos and societal norms because Sagittarius loves a good shock factor. They want a partner who doesn’t care about what others think. If you’re too worried wondering what your tíos, tías, or parents will think, then you’re going to be challenged with Sagittarius’ rebellious nature. Their life’s motto: no rules are the best rules. 


Keep the excitement constant and they’re guaranteed to fall in love with you. Don’t pin Sagitario as the traditional type. They’re open to exploration and don’t mind compromising. They’ll try everything at least once in romance. Speak your mind and share your opinion, that turns them on. The last thing a Sag wants in a relationship is someone who doesn’t have their own vision of life. They’d rather you give them an honest “no” than an empty “yes.” 


Sagittarius Love Predictions for 2023


In 2023 you can plan on racking up those flight miles because traveling is on the horizon for Sagittarius. As for love in 2023, you might be better off keeping things light hearted and not so buckled down. You’re going to be muy busy and might not have enough time to keep commitments outside of your goals. Unless of course, you match with that ideal chisper@ who equally values relaxed rules and open communication. Be extra flexible with your plans and make sure you set expectations early on when dating. You’ll be busy conquering the world next year, Sag. Self love and self care are your number priorities this year.

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