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June 21–July 21

Cancer General Meaning 


Symbolized by the crab animal, these water element Zodiac signs can certainly be crabby and moody. They’re very empathetic beings and some of the most intuitive of the entire Zodiac. Besides their introverted reputation, Cancers are the most giving and nurturing people in the world. They’re natural born humanitarians and can’t help but literally help everyone in need. Tienen un corazón enorme. 


In Astrology, Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon represents emotions, your internal thoughts and secrecy. Cancerians can be pretty reclusive and need a lot of time to recharge their social batteries. They’re also dependable amigos when it comes to keeping your secrets. Cancer peeps value their relationships and friendships. You can count on a Cancerian to be there for you in your toughest of times ready to offer up some great consejos. 


Personality and Characteristics of Cancer

Classified as one of the more reserved personalities in Astrology, Cancers are certainly homebodies. They don’t mind going out occasionally, but they’re definitely the “hay comida en la casa” type of people. They prefer quieter environments due to their very sensitive nature. They’re so in tune with energy and it can be overwhelming for them to be around large groups of people por mucho tiempo.


Since this sign is a cardinal sign in Astrology, that equates to Cancerians being empathetic and quality leaders. Cancers don’t mind taking the lead in relationships if they have to. Although they equally enjoy their love interest courting them. Advocates of romantic comedies, binging out holiday movies or spending an entire weekend just netflixing and chill is ideal quality time for these water signs. 














Best type of Relationship for Cancer


They seek out compassionate partners. Just because they’re mostly mellow people doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some spice or fuego. Cancers appreciate partners that can turn up the heat every now and again in the bedroom. They’re not afraid of intimacy and prioritize the comfort of their lover in all aspects. 


Cancers love commitment and enjoy making plans with their partners. Yes, they might need  some tiempo a solas often, but they will want to retreat with you. La familia is super important to them. They tend to seek out people with strong family values. Whether you want to have children of your own or not, all that matters is that they can create a safe home environment with the people you both consider family. 


Lastly, they crave someone who is deeply devoted. Next to Taurus, Cancers are hardcore loyalists. Sometimes to their detriment. Since they’re so emotionally intelligent, they also enjoy emotionally available amores. 


How to Win a Cancer Over 


Keyword, attention. Cancers appreciate validation because they tend to overthink and struggle with self-doubt. Reaffirming your interest in them with quality time spent juntos is a sure way into their heart. These tender spirits wear their heart on their sleeve and don’t mind being vulnerable. They want to know your deepest secrets and they won’t judge you because, to them, vulnerability is a sign of fortaleza.


They’re pretty competitive, but don’t like to compete. Putting a Cancer in a situation where they have to fight for your attention is a quick turn off for them. Mutually, don’t expect them to put you in shady situations where you have to chase them. They don’t like juegos and hate playing cat and mouse in dating. As previously mentioned, they’re the nurturers in all of the Astrology signs. They appreciate when their partners go out of their way to nurture them back. Cancers will make you sopa when you’re sick and play the role of the mother, naturally. Give back to them with intention and thoughtfulness. 

What Cancer expects in Romance


Seguridad is big for these water signs. They absolutely need safety in relationships. Discussing consent and boundaries beforehand is a great way to indicate you care about their needs. Since they experience mood swings, be understanding and compassionate. A Cancer expects their relationship to be relaxing with no pressure to be anything other than their true self #sinfiltros. They want to be able to chill and not feel judged. 


They crave a partner that is protective and intuitive as well. They aren’t into materialistic things and prefer emotional bonds. They want to know about your childhood and what your dreams are. Cancers will be the biggest cheerleaders anyone can have because they genuinely want to see you succeed. In turn, they need a partner who isn’t clingy, but is attentive. A night out on the town every now and again is great, but they prefer snuggling en casa anyday. 

Cancer Love Predictions for 2023

Teaming up with another Cancer is optimal in love compatibility. Pisces and Scorpios are too moody for the moody crab. In 2023, Cancers, matters of romance might feel stagnant. As the world continues to open up, you’re being encouraged to have fun. It is possible to be an extrovert-introvert. ¡Dale! Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there, Cancer. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone in 2023.

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