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September 23–October 22

Libra General Meaning 


Libra is the sign of balance, love and relationships. It’s a Zodiac sign ruled by the planet Venus, which is the ruler of romance. Those born from September 23rd to October 22nd are Libras. Known as an air element Astrology sign, they are super sociable and outgoing. Libras love relationships and have really lighthearted personalities. Known as the generous type, expect a Libra to shower you in gifts if you’re special to them. 


More of a traditional personality, Libras tend to stay in long committed relationships and oftentimes believe strongly in marriage. Why is that? In the Zodiac, Libra rules the areas of marriage and partnerships. These nurturers feel stronger in pairs than solo. Also, if there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that Libra struggles tomando decisiones. These air signs are certainly indecisive. 


Overall, Libras love to be in love. They are the type of lover that will surprise you and decorate your home for your cumple or stand outside your window playing their love songs to express how much they admire you. They fall in love pretty hard. 


Personality and Characteristics of Libra


Conflict makes a Libra extremely uncomfortable. They rather everyone just get along and this makes them strong mediators. They just want to see everyone happy and are beyond generous with their time. You can find a Libra excelling in the careers of advisor, counselor and therapist. They are natural born healers and empaths. Having a Libra in your life is like having a full-time caregiver. We admire them for that. 


Symbolized by the scales of balance in Astrology, speaking up against injustices is importante to them. Having a strong sense of right from wrong is something they pride themselves in. They’re intelligent and passionate about humanitarian efforts. Las pláticas are their favorite pastime. Ask a Libra about their opinion on any given subject and listen in awe of their strong point of views. Aside from being socially aware, you can count on a Libra for great fashion. Some of the best dressed of the Zodiac that’s for sure. That phrase “shop until you drop” was probably created by Librans. 










Best type of Relationship for Libra


A relationship that is consistent and harmonious is optimal. Libra is an air sign, therefore, they’re not rigid or boring, but they do need a partner to balance them out. No te olvides, they’re indecisive. Having a partner that likes to make decisions or take the lead is appealing to them. Signs like Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn or Leo do well with a Libra in love. 


These individuals are so good at beauty and fashion they should be bloggers or influencers in these fields. Libra loves to be showered in gifts with an emphasis on beauty and fashion. No matter gender identity, a Libra will serve a good look hunny. They slay everyday with their wardrobe. They want a partner that is equally invested in appearance. This doesn’t mean Libra is vapid or surface level. They like to appear as a power couple. If you don’t mind long shopping trips or splurging on high quality items, you’ll vibe well with Libra. 

How to Win a Libra Over 


Escapa con tú amorcito a un suprise getaway. Libras love to be swept off their feet. Dedícale música with a personal playlist showing how you feel and you’ll impress Libra. Listen, Libra loves to be the center of attention. But mainly, they want to be the center of your universo. Be intentional with your time and gestures when it comes to impressing this air sign. 


Be assertive, pero also patient. Display your sweeter nature to them to make them aware that you’re equally kind as they are. Not everything is about money with Libra. They value morals like fairness, generosity and selflessness. Show them your standup personality and they will find that both charming and a turn on. 


What Libra Expects in Romance


In general, Libra places the needs of others over their own. This can be a gift o quizá no. Therefore, Libra might expect their media naranja to do the same. Developing healthy boundaries between you and your Libra will be beneficial to them, and pay off in the long run of the relación. They expect someone who is available when needed and who displays consideration of their emociones.


Naturally, Libra can be unknowingly flirtatious. They need a partner who isn’t the jealous type. You have to be okay with your Libra getting a lot of attention. Afterall, they’re so charming and their laughs are infectious. Libras can make nearly anyone fall in love with them because of their great personality. They don’t like anger or intensity in connections. If there’s a dispute with your Libra lover, approach them from a place of calm and groundedness. 


Libra Love Predictions for 2023


Libra, 2023 is your year! Prepárate para el amor because it’s guaranteed to manifest for you. This year the eclipses are happening in the signs of Aries and Libra. This means you have an eclipse happening in your sign, which is a big deal. Eclipses activate major life transitions. Welcoming in happiness and prosperity. Looks like you’ll no longer be solter@ soon and Chispa is ready to help you lock it down. Felicidades!

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