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October 23–November 21

Scorpio General Meaning 


Scorpios, the edgy and sexy bunch of the Zodiac. These water element Astrology signs are chic, introspective and observant. Some might call them secretive, but that’s because they crave privacy. They’re not about the chisme. Scorpios highly dislike drama and don’t mind setting firm boundaries in order to protect their peace. These folks are born between October 23rd through November 22nd. 


Represented by the scorpion, they aren’t always out to sting you. Scorpios have a stereotype that they’re petty or passive aggressive. Not necessarily true. They just don’t mind telling it like it is and not everyone can handle their truth telling ways. Scorpios are very dedicated partners and keep their circle small. To be part of their inner circle is quite the privilege. 


One look into their eyes and you’ll fall in love. Scorpios are known for having a deep gaze with  unos ojitos that can read your soul. 


Personality and Characteristics of Scorpio


Due to their independent nature, don’t be surprised to know a Scorpio who travels alone and does things like attends concerts solos. They value la independencia in relationships también. Giving them their space is crucial. Unlike all the other water signs of the zodiac, Scorpios aren’t all mushy gushy. They are the rockstars of the water signs who don’t hesitate to live life on the edge. They’re daredevils and love to be different. 


Scorpios exude confidence and bear a bold personality. They are far from arrogant like the sometimes overbearing Aries. Scorpios have this easygoing and controlled confidence that they portray that makes you unknowingly fall in love with them overnight. They’ll keep you on their toes because they love to appear mysterious. They tend to disappear and reappear without notice, which is part of their way of secretly staying in control of situations. But once committed, they are affectionate and sweet. 













Best type of Relationship for Scorpio


Since they’re born during el espooky season you can anticipate a Scorpio needing a relationship that is mutually into horror, magic and all about fantasmas. They are into the obscure and odd subjects of life. So geeking out and visiting haunted places or doing tarot card readings for one another is a quirky turn on for them. 


They need a partner who is active, physical and has a high sex drive like them. Dating a Scorpio is equal parts magia and sexo. Scorpios need a relationship that allows for emotional intimacy just as much as physical intimacy. They are deep thinkers and deep feelers. They’re also psychic so they need a lover who isn’t afraid of the paranormal. 


How to Win a Scorpio Over 


This sign is ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto is all about control and dominance. Win a Scorpio over by being a confident chingón/a. They are attracted to other powerful personalities. They prefer to be chased instead of doing all the chasing. Although not one for immature juegos, they’ll let you know right away if they’re into you or not. Scorpios are respectful in that regard. 


Trust is huge in order to win their corazón. They highly dislike distrust and once you end up on a Scorpio’s bad side it's hard to get back into their good graces. This is why they’re very selective of who they allow into their secretive life. If you break their trust, fin, it’s over. Their motto is: come correct or don’t come at all. Y punto. 

What Scorpio Expects in Romance


These complex people need a relationship with depth. They don’t do small talk. They want to go deep and serious with conversations because they’re fascinated with how the psyche of other’s work. Don’t be intimidated though. Tease them a little and keep them on their toes! They love the mystery of life. They enjoy tranquilidad as much as they enjoy intensity. They want to create unique experiences juntos en el amor. 


Not fond of a sloppy approach, they enjoy a well thought out idea. They are master planners and strategic with everything they do. They would be great at chess! Just know, a Scorpio has thoroughly thought out that mensaje or their date and they want the same in return. Keep them mentally stimulated and curious, and you’ll have a long lasting relationship.


Scorpio Love Predictions for 2023


Love in 2023 is going to be far from boring for you Scorpio. The eclipses in 2022 and in 2023 landed in your sign. Wondering why it’s been a year of changes? You can thank la madre luna for that one. No te preocupes because 2023 is bringing you adventure, fun and new connections in the love department. You could meet your media naranja this year thanks to the astrología. Matching with a Libra, Pisces or Taurus could be exciting este año. No matter who you match with, just know you’ll be in high demand because 2023 is the year Scorpio got their groove back. As Cardi B would say, “Eeeeooww!”

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