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February 18–March 19

Pisces General Meaning 


The twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac is Pisces. These empathetic beings are born between February 20th and March 21st. Pisces is ruled by the planeta Neptune, making this Zodiac sign part of the water element Zodiac family next to Cancer and Scorpio. They’re dreamers and literally love to spend their time daydreaming about all their fantasies. Pisces rules the feet and the dream world. A pretty random combination, but you’ll notice that Piscean peeps are into foot fetishes in the bedroom and are ultra psychic as well. 


If there’s one sign that didn’t struggle with isolation during la cuarentena it was Pisces. They love long periods of isolation and retreating. Mostly because they’re so in tune with energy and the emotions of others. Large crowds and chaotic situations can easily overwhelm our sensitive besties.


Personality and Characteristics of Pisces


Known as the most simpátic@s of the Zodiac signs, Pisces is prone to working in healing professions like health and wellness, medical and metaphysical subjects. The brujx of the Zodiac, you can count on Pisces to help you out with deciphering your dreams and omens. They’re gifted with intuition because their ruling planet Neptune grants them that habilidad. Since they’re so in tune with the world, they have to unplug often in order to avoid experiencing bouts of sadness due to their hypersensitivity. 


They’re known for musical gifts and connect with music on a healing level. Make a playlist of songs dedicated to your favorite Pisces and watch them fall in love with you. Because of their sweet innocence of their personality it’s easy for others to take advantage of them. Developing strong discernment this lifetime is a soul mission of theirs. Avoiding manipulative personalities would be beneficioso pa’ ellos. 

















Best type of Relationship for Pisces


Pisces enjoy interacting with other creative personas. They want to visit art galleries and hit up concerts with their crush. They need an outlet to express all of their intense emotions. They’re not ones to avoid their feelings. A Pisces will be vocal and need someone who can hold space for them. A good shoulder to lean on is a top quality they seek in a partner. Another water element Zodiac sign like a fellow Cancer or Scorpio would pair nicely with a Piscean. 


As the Astrological fish, yes, el pez is their symbol, they know how to swim up current or against it. Meaning, they’re a mutable sign in Astrology and are good at adapting to situations. Therefore, as long as you try your best in a relationship with them to be understanding of their

needs, they’re dedicated and beyond loyal. If you’re ready to feel all the feels and discuss them, then you’re ready for a mature relationship with Piscis.


How to Win a Pisces Over 


No te sorprendas if your Pisces is shy at first. They have to see you engage with them in order to feel comfortable with opening up. With that being said, don’t hesitate to chase Pisces. Ask them questions and show them you’re interested. They love to talk, but not initiate. They love outgoing personalities as long as they’re not pushy towards them. Check in with Pisces often to see how they’re feeling, especially hours leading up to your date. They’re known for changing their mind last minute and decided a night in is more of their preference. Displaying a flexible personality will win them over pretty quickly. 


Lastly, bring out your inner child and get crafty. Make a homemade card, write them a letter or paint something in their honor. Even if the best you can draw is a stick figure, Pisces will appreciate your effort and help you embrace your inner artist. 


What Pisces Expects in Romance


Pisces aren’t shy to be the first one to say “I love you.” They are hopeless romantics and want a love story similar to The Notebook movie. Call them dreamers, because they are. A whirlwind romance full of storybook moments makes their heart fond. Candle lit dinners and discussing future plans is a sure way to snag these water signs. 


They also want a caring and compassionate lover. Dry humor is not their thing. Pisces tends to take things literal. Therefore, air signs like Gemini or Aquarius can be somewhat tough matches. Libras are empathetic enough to keep a Pisces invested along with Taurus. Virgos could be too harsh for these sweet natured individuals. 


Pisces Love Predictions for 2023


What’s coming in love for you this year? Saturn is entering your sign this March. Saturn is the planet of discipline and structure. It’s also the planet known as “the lord of karma.” No te olvides, karma can be good not only negative. Essentially it’s a year of you getting seri@ about what you want in love. What type of relationship are you manifesting and why? A past-life soulmate is likely to enter your life because of Saturn’s influence in your sign. How will you know it’s them? You’ll feel it. Don’t forget you’re intuitive Pisces. Plus, it’ll feel like an instant magnetic connection and the feeling will be mutual.


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