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First-Ever Dating-App Led Research Study of Hispanics in College Reveals Concerns on Inflation, Direction of Country; Shows Ever Growing Impact of Online Dating

Study reveals 75% of college-aged single Latines are more careful how they are spending their money and 66% of respondents are worried they might not have access to reproductive services in the future.

Chispa, the #1 dating app made for US Latinx, released the results of its first-ever study of Hispanics in college, conducted in Q3 and Q4 2022 in partnership with Dr. Jake Beniflah, the founder of The Center for Multicultural Science, a non-partisan think tank focused on multicultural marketing. From the impacts of inflation on dating to reproductive rights, this study highlights the issues that affect Hispanic Gen Zs and gives a look towards the future by the Latine community. 

For over 10 years, Match Group has conducted Singles In America, the nation's largest and most comprehensive annual scientific study on single adults.  Part of the Match Group family of brands, Chispa has, for the first time ever, taken a deep look at the Latin Gen Z population, with a specific emphasis on college-aged singles because of their rapid growth and impact on cultural trends.  Latinos make up a growing share of all students enrolled at postsecondary institutions. In 1980, Latinos accounted for just 4% of enrollment; by 2020, Latinos accounted for one-fifth of all postsecondary students. College enrollment rates for Hispanics 18-24 grew from 34% to 36% between 2010 and 2020, being the only race/ethnic cohort that experienced growth during this period. While total enrollment rates decreased, enrollment rates for both Hispanic male and females increased.   More than 400 Hispanics in college — some actively dating and some not — were asked about their views on the issues of the day. 

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“With the Latinx in College study, we are giving visibility to a whole new generation of US Latines who are challenging a variety of preconceived notions related to this community,” said Julia Estacolchic, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing for Chispa. “Hispanic Gen Zs are leading the way, reinventing the Latine community in response to the rapid changes taking place in US society. We are confident Latinx in College will grow to become a knowledge center and catalyst, relevant not only to the Hispanic segment but to the larger community.”

Top research findings include:

Inflation and the impact on Gen Z dating and spending:

Latinx college students are feeling the weight of rising costs, with mental health and inflation being the top sources of stress for Hispanic Gen Z college students, followed by jobs and careers, education, debt, and relationships. 75% of respondents said they are now more careful in how they spend their money. 69% stated that they are now cooking dinners more often at home. More than half of all Hispanic Gen Z college students have postponed going on a vacation and almost half have postponed purchasing or leasing a car. 

Direction of country and uncertainty about the future:

Only one in two Hispanic Gen Z college students believe that their future will be better than their parents’. 72% of Hispanic Gen Zs are unsure about the direction of the country, and 68% of female respondents feel the country is regressing back to the 1950s due to the recent repeal of Roe v. Wade.

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Advocacy and reproductive rights: As a result of the repeal of Roe v. Wade, 35% of dating-app users say they are having less casual sex and roughly one in four Hispanic Gen Z say they changed their methods of contraception.  Interestingly, more than 75% of Hispanic Gen Z female college students say they would consider working for a company that supports women’s freedoms over one that does not, while 66% are worried that they may not have access to reproductive services in the future.

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Dating-apps >Match Made at Church:
72% of Hispanic Gen Z college students have met someone online while Hispanic Gen Z female college students are more than three times more likely to meet a partner online than at church. 

Rejecting cultural stereotypes and embracing progressive values:

74% of Hispanic Gen Z students believe that marriage should not be exclusively between a man and a woman. 81% of Hispanic Gen Z female college students do not believe they should wait to have sex until they are married, while approximately 1 in 3 Hispanic Gen Z students would consider dating someone who identifies as gender neutral or non-binary. 

“The Latinx in College study serves as a window into the lives of US Latine college students, uncovering key insights that impact one of the fastest-growing segments of the population,” said Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director of The Center for Multicultural Science.  "One of the most interesting findings is the extent to which Gen Z Hispanics are socially progressive and willing to challenge traditional values and norms. This will impact the way brands have traditionally viewed this cohort moving forward."

About The Center for Multicultural Science


Founded in 2010, The Center for Multicultural Science is a leading non-profit, non-partisan, multicultural marketing research think tank and talent accelerator for underrepresented students in Los Angeles. Its vision is to challenge the status quo and help corporate America prepare for a multicultural America through research and data science.

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