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July 22–August 22

Leo General Meaning 


The entertainers of the entire Zodiac. Leos are literally represented by the Lion animal totem in Astrology. They are part of the fire sign elements and are feisty. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which makes these people gain attention without trying. The Sun promises success if Leos apply themselves to their goals. Hence why you’ll find Leos in professions that give them a platform like acting, comedy or public speaking. You can count on Leos for some comedic relief. Spend a day with Leo and it's full of chistes. They just can’t help themselves.  


Personality and Characteristics of Leo


It’s fácil to fall in love with a Leo. They’re charismatic and can’t help but make you feel special. They have this unique talent to make you feel like you’re seen and supported when you’re in their presence. They can win you over with their naturally good looks and flirtatious personality. 

Leos tienen un tremendo corazón, pero they are very selective of who they give their love to. They are the Latin lovers of the Zodiac. They receive a lot of attention from admirers because of their great personality. This means capturing their attention isn’t so easy. They have big and bold personalities, and they need a partner who matches that energy. 


These sexy personalities are part of the fixed signs in Astrology. Meaning, they tend to be set in their ways and don’t budge easily on their beliefs. Leos know who they are and what they want without question. Pero, al mismo tiempo, they don’t like admitting when they’re wrong. Even if they’re wrong. It is, partly, because they love to be in control of situations, which can make for confident experiences when you’re with a Leo. 












Best type of Relationship for Leo


Dating a Leo is like dating the prom king or prom queen from high school. They are well-liked and admired by many. They don’t do well with clingy, possessive or jealous people. That’s a quick way to get blocked by a Leo. Impress a Leo by sending them a Super Chispa to match, because they love  to be flattered. It’s all about flamboyant and grand gestures to get on their radar. 


Having a relationship that allows them to be empowered is endearing to them. They love to make decisions and don’t hesitate to let you know what their dislikes are. Personalities that are more passive and relaxed really compliment a vivacious Leo. They don’t mind showing off their lovers and mutually appreciate being bragged about by their crush. Show off your Leo as a way to make it known you find them to be a valuable and impactful asset en tu vida. They’re not so much an introvert as they are more comfortable group settings. As fire element signs, they get bored very easily and need constant stimulation in the form of spur of the moment decisions. 


How to Win a Leo Over 


Leos are true romantics at heart. They love to go on dates and live for a reason to get dressed up. They were probably the best dressed in high school growing up if they weren’t either the class clown or most popular. Leos leave a positive impact on all they come across. They appreciate a partner who has their own meaningful connections. They want to meet new people and explore different social circles with their fellow chisper@. 


How can you win over these queridos? Leos are attracted to humanitarians and people who are passionate about a purpose. They can sniff out desperation in an instant. Insecurity turns them off. They’re not into loud and obnoxious personalities, but they’re a sucker for a good smile. Smile when you chill with your Leo and don’t be shy. Y por último, hacerlos reír. They don’t want to be the ones always performing. 


What Leo expects in Romance

This should be straightforward, but Leos do not tolerate cheaters or liars. Honesty is the best policy, solteros. Leos understand their worth and won’t think twice when it comes to asking for what they deserve. They are some of the most loyal signs in love and expect the same loyalty in return. 


How can you match with a Leo? They take pride in their personal appearance. They’re far from shallow, but appreciate a good outfit. Upload your best selfie with your favorite outfit in order to catch the lion’s eye. Also, these affectionate people crave physical touch as their love language. Hugs, holding hands and long embraces are meaningful to them. No te olvides, mutual consent is a green flag for all. 


Leo Love Predictions for 2023


In love in 2023, you’ll be faced with some major decisions to make based on the astrología. You could find yourself falling hard for someone and you’ll have to be honest with yourself on whether you’re ready to take it to the next step. Have fun with a nurturing water sign like a cancer, scorpio or pisces when dating this year. You could also enjoy your time with charming and confident Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn who enjoy social outings as much as you do. One thing is for sure in love in 2023 for you Leo, hay mucho que disfrutar.

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