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New Advocacy Council to Empower and Support Latine Community

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Advocacy Council. The Council will provide fresh perspectives and insights on important issues affecting the diverse Latine community and develop actionable programs to make a positive impact on the community beyond dating. The new Advocacy Council solidifies Chispa's role as a trusted, passionate advocate for the wellness and advancement of all Latines.


The Council members — pioneers in media, activism, community development, education, and more! — include Beatriz Acevedo, Elsa Collins, Christen Nino De Guzman, Dr. Jake Beniflah, and Sara Mora. Each member brings a unique set of experiences and expertise to the table, and Chispa is thrilled to work with them to better serve the Latine community.


"Chispa is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all Latine singles, and our new Advocacy Council is a significant step in that direction," said Julia Estacolchic, Chispa's Head of Brand and Marketing. "We believe that the Council's guidance and insight will help us better understand and address the issues affecting our diverse community so that Chispa can make an impact on the community beyond dating. We are excited to work with these accomplished leaders to make a difference.

Meet The Members

Meet The Members


Beatriz Acevedo

Inspirational voice and Latina entrepreneur at the intersection of media, technology, and social impact. Founder of SUMA Wealth, a financial technology company devoted to increasing prosperity and financial inclusion for young US Latinos, and founder of Latino youth media company Mitú.

Christen Nino De Guzman

Founder of Clara for Creators with nearly a decade of experience working with top content creators at social networking companies like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Passionate about helping people break into the industry and level-up through her career advice and actionable content

Elsa Collins

Co-founder of Poderistas, founder of The Ideateur, and founding member of I am a Voter participation in the electoral process. Works to move the needle for justice through social impact and civics consultancy. Co-founder of This is About Humanity, an organization raising awareness and funds for separated and reunified families at the US/Mexico border.

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 9.30.35 PM.png

Dr. Jake Beniflah

Executive Director of the Center for Multicultural Science, a leading U.S. non-profit, non-partisan think tank in multicultural marketing research. Develops new leading economic indicators for a multicultural America. Has more than 25 years of experience in multicultural marketing, advertising, research, data science, and organizational strategy.

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 9.52.27 PM.png

Sara Mora

Storyteller and migrant rights activist. Founder of Population MIC, a think tank initiative focused on making storytelling tools accessible to storytellers and activists. Dedicated to education equality, language accessibility, storyteller rights, and migrant rights. DACA recipient and has spent her youth strategizing ways to support her community.

The Chispa Advocacy Council will meet regularly to discuss issues and share insights that will help Chispa create more impactful initiatives around key focus areas including mental health, finances, education, immigration, equality, politics, and more. The Council's contributions will be integral to Chispa's ongoing commitment to being a positive force for the Latine community.

"I joined the Chispa Advocacy Council to work alongside other industry leaders to help address a number of systemic issues that keep the Latinx community from achieving its fullest potential. Our country’s future in part depends on how well Latinos and Latinas do in the 21st century. "
                                                          - Dr. Jake Beniflah

"I am honored to be working with Match as an advisor for the #1 dating app for Latinos. A company that values the input of its target demographic I find to be really refreshing and validating.  I'm excited to help shape the future of the Chispa app and ensure that Latinx voices are represented"
- Christen Nino De Guzman

"Honored to be a part of this advocacy council with colleagues I admire and respect and use our collective power to advance our community."
- Beatriz Acevedo

"When I was a little girl I dreamed of serving others and impacting the world to the best of my ability. Being able to join the Chispa Advisory Council means that I am able to be part of supporting young women like me through their finding love, supporting themselves and growing in who they once aspired to be."
                                                        - Sara Mora

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