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NEW LGBTQ+ Pride Stickers!

Chispa is an inclusive space all year long and we believe June is the perfect time to bloom and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.


The Chispa PRIDE POWER Collection includes self-expression stickers designed to reflect the diverse experiences and identities of our gente.


With these PRIDE-themed stickers, we continue to encourage the Chispa community to  express themselves authentically. It's about making sure everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Chispa is donating $1 (up to $10,000 but no less than $5,000) to the Human Rights Campaign for each U.S. Chispa member who adds a sticker from the new sticker collection to their Chispa profile during June 2024.

¡Vamos! Use a sticker today to help fight for LGTBQ+ rights juntos. 

HRC_Print_4CP Horizontal_D1_071919.png

Meet the Queer Creative Designer Behind The NEW LGBTQ+ Pride Stickers!

Julio Salgado is a co-founder of DreamersAdrift and the Migrant Storytelling Manager for The Center for Cultural Power. His status as an undocumented, queer artivist has fueled the contents of his visual art, which depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM Act and the migrant rights movement. With his extensive experience and influence, Julio brings a unique perspective to the conversation around LGBTQ+ representation and activism.


Read More About The Creative Inspiration 

Julio chose to incorporate flowers into the creative approach for the Chispa PRIDE POWER sticker collection as a nod to the subtle language of flowers historically used by LGBTQ communities to broadcast solidarity or personal identity. This creative choice adds depth and symbolism to the collection, further enhancing its significance.

Show your Pride Power on your profile and find new matches who love the LGBTQ+ community!




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