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The Only Dating-App Led Study On Latine In College Reveals Majority Of Students Are Concerned About Growing Gun Violence,75% do not believe books on race should be banned in public schools, and 48% Of Latine’s Believe Mental Health Has An Impact On Their Sex Life

Match Group's Chispa, the #1 dating app made for Latin singles in the U.S., releases its highly anticipated 2nd annual ‘Latine in College’ research study, in collaboration with Dr. Jake Beniflah, the Executive Director of The Center for Multicultural Science. This groundbreaking study delves into the behaviors, attitudes, and cultural influences shaping the lives of Latine college students, while unveiling intriguing findings related to technology, safety, politics, social values, mental health, sexual behavior, and language usage. 

The college enrollment of Hispanic individuals aged 18 to 24 has seen a significant rise, soaring to 2.4 million in 2021 from 1.2 million in 2005, and enrollment of Hispanics in higher education is expected to exceed 4.0 million students by 2026. "This partnership with Chispa has allowed us to shed light on an under-studied yet highly influential demographic: Latine Gen Z college students,” said Dr. Jake Beniflah, founder of The Center for Multicultural Science. “Their perspectives on technology, culture, and social issues provide fascinating insights into the intersection of love, relationships, and dating. Our findings reveal that this group is not only actively shaping the future of dating but also influencing broader societal norms.”


Based on the responses of 1,000 Hispanic Gen Z college students - both dating app users and non-users - the study provides a comprehensive examination of this group's perspectives on pressing societal issues.

Key research findings include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR): The Gateway to Unlimited Fantasies

The pervasive influence of AI and VR is undeniable, redefining the way we interact, work, and even live. But what's their role in shaping our dating and relationship experiences? 

  • 73% of Latine college students are still AI-virgins in their dating life. They have not used AI-powered chatbots, yet 46% believe AI can help generate date ideas.


  • 79% strongly agree that VR can transport you to fun and exotic environments while 31% of Latinx college students say AI allows them to fulfill their sexual fantasies without judgment.


Relationship with Guns: Safety or Second Amendment Rights?


How do Latine college students feel about guns?

The majority (80%) do not consider it a “deal breaker” if their partner owns a gun.

  • While more than half (56%) of Latino college students believe in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, 88% believe in enforcing background checks before buying a gun, and 84% believe in increasing mental health funding to reduce gun violence.

  • 56% of students worry about starting a family given the amount of gun violence in our country though 1-in-5 (18%) say they currently own a gun. 

  • 40% grew up in families with guns.

Election and Social Attitudes: Tradition or Forward-Thinking?

We are entering another election year going into 2024. What do Hispanic Gen Z think about some of the issues that have stemmed ‘culture wars’ that will be debated?


  • 40% of Latine college students are fearful of a backlash against racial and ethnic minorities as a result of the 2024 election, and 39% are undecided on who they will vote for.


  • 75% of students do not believe books on race should be banned in public schools.


  • Immigration is once again an important topic with 3-in-4 saying healthcare should not be denied based on immigration status and 65% believe undocumented immigrants should be allowed to work in the U.S.


Mental Health and Relationships


Based on the study findings, Latine students claim mental health issues have an impact on their relationships and sex life. 

  • 64% of Latine college students agree that mental health impacts the joy of being in a relationship and 48% say their mental health affects their ability to enjoy sex. 


  • That said, 48% of students say sexual activity helps to improve their mental health.

Sexual Awakening Despite Cultural Stigma

The subject of sex is still considered taboo in many traditional Latin families. However, we see with this study that college students are more open with sexual desires and are pushing the boundaries of societal norms.


  • 74% of college students have not had to suppress their sexual desires given cultural expectations. 56% have sexted with their partner, and 49% have explored sharing intimate photos with their partner. 


  • One in three Latines want to “role play” (32%) and experiment with “kink” (32%); and 28% want to have a “threesome.”


  • The top sexual behaviors that the students have experienced are sexting (56%), sharing photos (49%), using sex toys (29%), faking orgasms (28%), and recording each other in the bedroom (27%).


Language Usage: Move Over Español!


Latine college students use Spanglish more often than just Spanish or English. Is Spanglish poised to become the second most spoken “language” in the U.S.?

  • 73% of Latine college students use Spanglish in their social life, while 67% use Spanglish at home, and 61% use Spanglish at work.


"Chispa is committed to elevating Latin singles..."

"Chispa is committed to elevating Latin singles across the U.S., and it is vital to understand the rapidly changing dynamics within the Latine Gen Z demographic,” said Julia Estacolchic, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing for Chispa. “They represent not just a significant portion of our user base, but they also hold a transformative power in shaping the future. I am excited about this year’s Latine in College study which underscores the role of emerging technologies like AI and VR in online dating, the influence of social and political issues, and the evolving sexual dynamics in the lives of Latine Gen Z college students. We hope this fosters a deeper understanding of this group and drives more dialogue."


Chispa is the largest dating app made for US Latinos, with 8 million downloads and the goal of helping Latinos create new connections with singles from similar backgrounds, cultures, and communities. Chispa is a Match Affinity dating app created in 2017 by Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH), a leading provider of dating products designed to increase users' likelihood of finding a meaningful connection, like Tinder, Match, Hinge, OkCupid, and more. The Chispa app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play, both in English and Spanish. For more information visit and follow @ChispaApp on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Center for Multicultural Science


Founded in 2010, The Center for Multicultural Science is a leading non-profit, non-partisan, multicultural marketing research think tank and talent accelerator for underrepresented students in Los Angeles. Its vision is to challenge the status quo and help corporate America prepare for a multicultural America through research and data science.

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