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December 21–January 19

Capricorn General Meaning 


The final sign in the Earth element of Astrology is none other than the goat animal, also known as Capricorn. They are the tenth sign in the Zodiac and are known as the hardest working signs of all. They are self-motivated and climb up the social ladder fast thanks to their driven nature. These cardinal Zodiac signs are born between December 23rd and January 21st. Fun fact: they’re usually the oldest in their grade growing up. They’re certainly very mature and have more of a stoic presence. They also have the best poker face at the table.


Capricorn energy rules career, public image and is an authoritative energy. Por eso you’ll usually find these Earth signs in leadership positions or as self-employed. They’re great visionaries that are very successful in what they do. Their determination is unmatched. Let’s not forget to mention, they’re muy atractiv@s as well. 


Personality and Characteristics of Capricorn


One of their most admirable traits is their ability to persevere. When the going gets tough, you want a Capricorn en tu equipo. They’re far from flaky or fake. They enjoy a good challenge and have a running list of accomplishments under their belt because of their tenacity. It’s pretty common to know a Capricorn who's overcome hardship. This is why they’re so well respected among many. 


Let it be known, they can verge on the border of being workaholics. Especially if they have a Venus in Capricorn position in their natal birth chart. This is where you have to remind your Capricornio to lighten up and live it up. Sometimes it’s all work and no play with them. One of their biggest struggles is learning how to express their emotions. Instead, they tend to distract themselves in their work. 
















Best type of Relationship for Capricorn


From vision boarding to creating power points, a crazy weekend with a Capricorn usually incorporates preparing to take over the world. Someone who is just as goal oriented and ambitious is appealing to them. Your social status automatically raises when you date a Cap because they know the who’s who in town. 


In their time of leisure you can expect your Capricorn crush to be a foodie. They love comida and don’t mind cooking as part of date night. Teach and remind them how to relax and have fun. They need a relationship that distracts them from the million open tabs in their mind. Partly because they’re ruled by Saturn. This is a planet that is all about responsibilities and discipline. Reminding your Capricorn how fun and exciting it is to break the rules will make them head over heels for you. 

How to Win a Capricorn Over 


Making them feel and know that they’re a top priority to you. They’re tradicional when it comes to how they approach love. Think practical and pragmatic. Be consistent with your efforts and you’ll impress these high achievers. On the flip side, they have a hidden spiritual nature. Although they can be primarily focused on their material world, teach them about spiritual subjects and you’ll have their undivided attention. En el fondo, Capricorn doesn’t want the pressures of the world on their shoulders. They’re ready para escapar the very same responsibilities they hold so tightly, and spiritual practices pueden ayudar. Be their biggest cheerleader and their mentor and that’s a huge turn on for them.


What Capricorn Expects in Romance


Situationships are a big no thank you for these traditional lovers. They move pretty fast in love when they're sure about you. They desire to go from solter@ to marriage fast. Seriously, they want to accomplish every area of life, not just professionally. If you’re hot and cold, don’t expect un mensaje back. Capricorns value a relationship that is dependable while they’re out tackling their sueños.


Really what they need is someone to hold down the homefront. They expect a partner who can take care of the domestic responsibilities at home. Preparar la cena for them after a long day at work is a simple way to show them you see their efforts and their hustle. Acts of service like doing chores together ayudando con el casa and mutually tackling the shared workload is a sure path to their hearts.


Capricorn Love Predictions for 2023


Capricorns, you would do well with fellow Earth signs such as Taurus or Virgo because they’re just as focused and grounded as you are. If you’re ready to go outside of your comfort zone, date an Air sign for some unforgettable dating stories. Water signs might get on your nerves a bit because you do lack a bit of empathy and they’re probably too moody for you. A fire sign like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will keep you on your toes and teach you how to vivir la vida. It’s time to let loose in 2023 Capricorn. Love is only one chispa away. 

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