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Let’s talk about sex, sin filtros!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Hola Chisperos!

The New Year started con todo for our community, and we are so happy to be partnering again with the Tragos Party Game. We hope to make your matching and chatting more fun with new and super espicy questions on the Chispa app 🔥!

95% of our members told us that ‘sex conversations’ are no longer taboo! The Tragos Espicy questions on Chispa are puro fuego 🌶 and we can’t wait for you to see what you and your match have in common when it comes to la cultura and intimacy in the relationship.

And let’s get real. Sex-talk is an important part 💯 of how we communicate with our partners and how our relationships evolve, so we want to give you una manito here too! That’s why we partnered with the award-winning sexologist Rebecca Story to share tips on how to approach these conversations and create a positive and comfortable environment. Rebecca is also the co-founder of Bloomi, a curated marketplace for sexual wellness that focuses on educating us and providing resources to normalize these conversations and to embrace our sexuality in a healthy way 🎓.

Yeah…we know sometimes that’s hard…So, how do we start these conversations? Checa this video on how to prepare before you have these conversations with a Chispa match you are interested in. 💘

What’s your sacred space and how do you create one? This video is all about tips to create the perfect mood (la mejor vibra!) with your amorcito 💫

Having sexual fantasies is normal, amigos! Check out this clip on how to share and explore sexual fantasies with your partner. 😻

Ahora si, we bet you are inspired! Check it out on the app today and get espicy with Chispa and Tragos. Y por favor, remember to always keep it fun and respectful en nuestra comunidad 🙌🏼

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