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How To Stay Cool En Este Verano

When the warm days come, romance follows. Summer is a freeing experience for many people. College students are on vacation, the weekends are free for hanging out outside, and the clothes are getting shorter, lighter, and sexier. With all this freedom, it makes sense why people are always looking for a Summer romance. 🔥☀️💖

Dating in the Summer can be a fun, rewarding experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you’re looking for a summer fling, or are searching for some tips in your relationship, here are some tips for finding romance in the Summer heat. ⛱🩳🩱☀️

Dating when it gets too hot can be very difficult. You avoid los abrazos or being close to your amorcito, and you can sometimes get cranky when the temperature and humidity go up. Here are some tips to stay cool este veranito:

  • Wear light clothing, ponte esos short sleeve shirts that are light in fabric and color. As darker clothes absorb more light, it can make you feel hotter. 👙⛱🩳🩱🔥☀️

  • Go on a night out when the temperature drops and the stars are out. The cool air can be very refreshing after a hot day. A nice walk at night or an evening of stargazing can be very relaxing and romantic. ✨🎆🌃💕

  • Muévelo....muévelo..pero en la sombra! Enjoy life on a cool walk at your favorite park. The shade and breeze can help you cool down. 🏞🌿🍃💨

  • Get wet! Find an open fire hydrant, go in the water at the beach, or go to your local pool. Any way you can get yourself wet can help cool yourself down on a hot day. 💦🌊☀️

  • It’s Paletero time! Take your date to your favorite frozen dessert place. Could be ice cream, piragua, or paletas. The tasty treat can cool you down while offering a refreshing snack. 🍦🍨🧊

The Summer heat can definitely be overwhelming at times. By following these tips and finding other ways to get relief from the heat, you can maintain romance in your life when the thermometer goes up. ¡Ay sí, enjoy tu verano! Be safe, have fun, and happy dating! ☀️😍😎🥳

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