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4 Things To Expect When Dating a Latino

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

¡Hola Mi Gente! Dating a Latino can help create exciting and romantic memories. Get a sneak peek into 4 things you can expect when dating a Latino:

1. A Permanent Chambelan

Bailar or rumbear the night away is always a blast, like you did at los quinceaños or at the clubs. If you are ever missing that special someone to dance with throughout the night, then a Latino is for you! He will be your permanent chambelan de honor all night con bachata, banda, and perreos. He will be your partner in crime on the dance floor.

2. Nicknames for days

One thing Latinos know how to do is get creative with nicknames. The Spanish language is so romantic, so if you want to be called Bebe, Cariño, Mi Vida, then a Latino is right for you! They will even nickname you based on your interest like mi burrito, mi arroz con leche, or mi tamalito. Of course all of this is con mucho amor.

3. Tóxico who? Somos Románticos

When dating a Latino, expect to receive a lot of besitos! Latinos are super affectionate and will

treat you like royalty. They are generous with their time and might surprise you with gifts, aunque sea una cosita chiquita, or a spontaneous mini luna de miel.

4. Get to know La Familia

If you love to party with loved ones, then you are in luck because family gatherings are a huge part of a Latino’s culture. Be ready to meet and party with the tíos, tías, abuelos, and primos at family gatherings. Expect to stay for a long time dancing, eating, and celebrating con “la familia”.

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