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4 Lindas Ideas For Your Next Date

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As la cuartena is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to prepare for in-person dating and finding tu media naranja. Here are 4 dating ideas you can do with your next Chispa Match:

1. Have a picnic

El amor entra por la comida, and once you know what comida your partner likes, ask them out to a picnic! Show off your cooking skills to your amor by bringing their favorite dish or sharing tu comida favorita with them. As Latinos, we are so similar yet diverse, so bring your favorite snack to share with your date. A ver si les gusta!

2. Ask them out to dance

Latinos are sensual, especially on the dance floor! A perfect date night would be taking your partner to dance some cumbia, bachata, reggaeton, y más! Anyone can go to the club, so make the date extra memorable by going to a local dance studio for lessons. Impress your date by showing off your moves, and you both can learn new moves together!

3. Take them out pa' un cafésito

Many Latino-owned businesses are back, so share un cafésito con pan dulce or have a horchata frappe together. While on the date, have questions ready to spark up a conversation or some fun stories about tu familia or culture to share too.

4. Drive to your favorite view

After a long day of school or work, escapa con tu pareja to your favorite view or spot in the city. The best pláticas come from our car talks, so relax, have a playlist ready of your favorite Latin artists, and enjoy driving to the views around town!

Remember Chisperos, el amor no se mira, se siente. So make sure you find date ideas that stimulate all your senses. And while on your date, remember to have fun, relax, and get to know your chispero. Buena suerte en encontrar el amor de t

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