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💕 Meet Rosaura & Daniel!⁣😍

According to Rosaura and Daniel, living in Las Vegas was definitely a hit or miss when it came to dating. They thought that they could easily fall in love with tourists or 'out-of-towners' who they'd never see again. So they both joined Chispa hoping it would be a great opportunity to meet somebody local and Hispanic.

Meeting el amor de sus vidas

“I came across Daniel’s profile and, a day after swiping right on him, I had an alert that we had matched! After back and forth small talk and exchanging social media, he asked me on a date to a bar. I said “Sure”, not knowing I would be meeting the love of my life.

I suddenly get a text from him saying “I’m here.” Before I know it, here comes this handsome Mexican guy towards my left side with hair slicked back and a beard that faded in. He took his hand out for a shake but I leaned in for a hug.⁣”

So much in common

“As the date went on, we found out our goals, past experiences and that we even had the same middle name! (Alejandra/o) We’re close to two years in the relationship and I’ve never been happier.⁣”

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