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😍 Meet Angie and Allan 💖

"We don't come from the same roots or even from the same state for that matter, haha. Angie is from Honduras and I was born in the US (but my parents are Mexican), and she was living in Indiana while I was living in Tennessee when we matched.

We spent a solid year (2020-2021) as a purely long-distance couple and around the same time, my family decided it was time to move to Texas (poor timing haha). Shortly after, I decided to move up to Ohio near her (as she was attending her senior year of college), and we spent a lot of the following year (2021-2022) together during that time. After the school year ended, went back to Indiana, and I went to Texas which is where we are currently but I try to visit at least once a month. And in September we finally got engaged after a little over 2 years since we matched on Chispa.

On to the fun part! We just had a strong connection from the very start. I remember we would naturally stay up texting or talking on the phone until past 3 am and one of us would literally have to hang up to force the other to get some rest because otherwise, we'd literally amanecer on the phone (trust me, it happened more than a couple of times). The way we crack jokes or are always poking fun at each other, it's just a never-ending experience of surprises when we talk, and not to mention, the consistency (which still exists up to this day) of always having time for each other even if we're physically apart has helped so so much.

I wish I could say it's easy-- it's not. But, that's exactly what makes finding your special person, so special. If it were easy it wouldn't be special. Nonetheless, I think an important thing to keep in mind as you match on Chispa is to definitely have fun meeting people, but also remember that your next match could completely change the course of your life. Don't be afraid to take chances, enjoy the ride, and trust me your Hispanic family with traditional values will eventually get used to and learn to accept your significant other whom you met online."

- Allan

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1 Comment

FieraY Pantera
FieraY Pantera
Oct 12, 2023

what a beautiful couple!. Wishing you many years of togetherness.

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