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💕 Meet Paulina & Javy!😍

They share their Mexican roots 🇲🇽 👏🏼!

Paulina has never gotten into dating apps, but she decided to give Chispa a try during the pandemic when it started back in June 2020. And she is so thankful she did!

It’s a match on Chispa!

“Javy and I matched in July 2020. I felt an instant connection with him right away! To me, he was handsome, hardworking, and treated me SO amazing! It was refreshing to meet someone who wanted the same thing as me: a healthy and happy relationship. We went on several dates before making it official and he has made me the happiest woman ever since!

Javy and I value family, work and all the great things in life. I'm so lucky to have found my life partner on here and I wish the same for all my beautiful mujeres!”

Advice for successful dating?

“Remember to always be yourself, be vocal about what you're looking for and your needs, and always know your worth!"

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