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💕 Meet Blanca and Gabriel! ⁣💘

Blanca and Gabriel both share the same Mexican roots 🇲🇽, they live 3 hrs away from each other 🕒 and now they are happily engaged 💍. ⁣

Lo bajo o no lo bajo… ¿Por qué no…? 📱⬇️

“When I came across Chispa, I was very hesitant to download the app. I gave it more thought and said “why not “ as I swiped. I never expected to run into anyone with potential. As we all know dating apps simply aren’t to be taken seriously or so I thought.”

And this is how EVERYTHING started… 💘

"One night I got a super swipe from a guy named Gabriel. I scrolled through and I got a message from him. What stood out of Gabriel was the way he approached me on chispa. He came off interesting and super respectful. Our conversations became paragraphs! I knew he could keep a good conversation going and us not get bored or run out of things to talk about.⁣”

We definitely believe en el Amor a Primera Chispa ❤️✨

“When we finally went on our first date, I knew he was different, his personality and his energy was everything! I guess you can say it was love at first sight! I remember leaving our date and thinking “Wow this feels right” I even told my mom and sister “Guys I think he’s the one” as time went on, our relationship grew and our feelings did too.”

AWWW, ¡Qué lindos! ❤️😍

“Now we’re happily engaged and we both are believers, something we both never expected to happen. True love is possible on a dating app and Chispa can do that for you !🤍 Thank you Chispa for existing ♥️”⁣ ⁣

¡Que viva el amor! ❤️🙌⁣

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