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Let's fight to close the salary gap juntos!

¡Hola Fam!

Let's fight to close the salary gap juntos!The stories of Latina women are truly inspirational. They're a blend of cultures, smashing through barriers and defying expectations. They are Jefa stories.

Yet, one stark truth remains. Latina women in the United States are still earning just 54 cents for each dollar their white male counterparts make (source: Forbes). This gaping wage gap is a vivid reminder of the obstacles that Latinas continue to grapple with on their journey towards equality.

Chispa is sending an empowering message. This year, we're not just talking about change; we're making it happen. The wage gap isn't just a number; it's about dreams deferred and opportunities missed. Latinas understand this struggle intimately, and it’s time we act. Join us in our lucha to raise awareness and fight for salary equality for our Jefas!

Visit the Chispa Equal Pay Site Now

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