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2023 Chispa Trends

Over the past few years, the dating landscape has shifted in unexpected ways. From the negative impact of inflation on dating to the divisive effects of the political climate, singles around the country have been forced to adapt and adjust to cultural nuances that impact their dating lives. Your friends at Chispa predict more changes are coming.

To prepare daters for 2023, Chispa has put together the predictions for the dating trends we will be seeing in 2023.


While only 1 out of 4 Chispa members who responded to a survey said it's important to share the same type of causes and advocacy, 55% of survey respondents believe partners should be supportive and respectful of each others' causes. While it is not a deal breaker to align on all interests, Latines are looking for partners who understand and are empathetic and sensitive to the issues that matter to them.

The Toxi-Mánticos (Toxicos + Romanticos)

#amoalostoxicos (I Love Toxicos) and #toxicoamor (Toxic Love) related videos have over 113M and andover 145M views on TikTok respectively - Latines can find the romantic side in almost everyone and everything because we are passionate and flirtatious people. In fact, the Romántic@ sticker is the 4th most used self-expression profile sticker on Chispa. While toxicity isn't welcome, Latinos are open to accepting relationships that include a healthy amount of jealousy and possessiveness as positive traits of a romantic partner.

Cafecito-dating is the way to go

A recent research study done by Chispa revealed that 75% of Gen Z single Latines are more careful in how they are spending their money and that inflation is impacting every area of their lives, with 45% claiming that to be a top source of stress (only second to mental health). Cafecito-dating is a non-expensive option, great in times of inflation. Cafecitos are integral to our cultural love language, and it gives Latinos more than just energy; it gives us an opportunity to connect and bond.

Friend-finders (🎵I'll Be There For You🎵)

46% of survey respondents of a recent Chispa survey mentioned "making new friends" among the top reasons for using the app, and 1 in 4 (25%) Chispa users selected this option for their profile search. Shared values, culture and background are strong pillars for Latinos when choosing who we hang out with in 2023.

Dancers Are a Great Catch - Perreo or Nothing!

45% of Chispa members who responded to a survey said that they love a partner who can dance, and 53% confessed to using dance moves to impress someone. And 45% are attracted to good dancers! Dancing is a big part of Latinx culture and has a big role in romance. Latines are looking for Dance Partners who can do the perreo all night, and 40% are ready to go dancing on their first dates.

Manifesting Amor - Law of (Latine) Attraction.

Latines know what they want in a significant other, and they are increasingly relying on the law of attraction to make it happen.Over half of Chispa survey respondents believe that the future will be determined by a healthy mix of actions and destiny, with 52% claiming that it’s all about the law of attraction. While Latine singles love to visualize their ideal partner, they are still flexible when it comes to meeting someone who doesn’t, 100%, match their vision. Fun fact? More than 70% of respondents said that personality and emotions are way more important than anything else when it comes to visualizing a potential partner.

Ahorita-daters, block your calendars!

The term 'ahorita' is used among most US Latines to convey that something isn't happening now. Although the word 'ahora' means 'right now', "ahorita" is used regularly to refer to 'whenever I feel like it" or "I'll eventually get to it". Even with the world fully open again, Latines Gen Z and young Millennials are juggling to succeed at school and work, and procrastinating catch-ups with friends and first dates is happening to the best of us. Calendar-blocking and advanced planning are good strategies to land first dates.

"A ver que pasa" Mentality/Connections

Young Latines join the dating game for many different reasons that range from Long Term and Marriage (23% of users) to searching for new friends (25% of users) according to self-selected options on the Chispa profile. 34% of users specifically choose the "Casual/A ver que pasa" ('let's see what happens') intent! The diversity in their choices and high preference for the "A ver que pasa" intent shows their desire to take it slow and be flexible while they explore their options, avoiding adding extra pressure on themselves.

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