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Find your Chispa in 2021

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Chispa is ready to take on 2021, and teamed up with dating expert Jorge Lozano to bring Latinx singles a “Dating 101,” complete with 5 tips to help you find tu amor.

1. Spend más tiempo on dating apps.

Dating has gone digital, so practice increasing your posibilidades de exito: if you’re fun and spontaneous around your amigos but get nervous around people you are attracted to, there is no better approach than striking up a conversation on your own terms and from the comfort of your own space. For Latinxs looking to find el amor in 2021, Chispa gives you the comfort of finding the one who shares your cultura

2. Confianza is key

What’s more attractive than a person who knows what they want and is not afraid to get it? Go into every virtual cita with a positive mindset by repeating these eight words when you need a confidence boost: "I want, I can, and I deserve it.” Remember: “yo quiero, yo puedo y yo lo merezco.”

3. Build meaningful connections.

If you’re sick of getting ghosted, be sure to use strategies like creating emotional anchors with a new match to make a connection that lasts. Talk about visiting a place together, la abuela’s famous recipe, find el reggaeton artist m;as pega’o, create a chiste entre nos’, or bond over the same banderas on your Chispa profile. That way you can easily form a deep connection and your match will want to keep the conversation going.

4. Textea con ganas

Communication is key to any relación exitosa, and during a time when physical interaction has been put on hold, textear con ganas is going to keep the chispa in the conversation. Keep your new match entertained by avoiding one-word responses; elaborate, ask questions and show interest so your potential novio/a (😉🤞) will keep you in mind at all times.

5. Coquetea con delicadeza.

Coquetear o flirtear es un don that can be easily mastered and adds an extra picante to any conversation. Pro tip: Be relatable by using one of three topics that will likely resonate with your match: food, pets and travel (pre-COVID por supuesto!). Mention any of these topics in your convo and the chispas will start to fly.

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