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😍Meet Lisette and Pablo😍

Updated: Jan 31

We both share the same roots (🇲🇽); we are both Mexican. He is from Jalisco, Guadalajara and my family is from Oaxaca, Mexico. Recently we both have traveled together to each state to visit family.


Our first date was super exciting and a bit nerve racking but overall was one to remember! We have so many similarities it was crazy, it felt like we’re the  exact same person! We spent about a month talking over text, calls, and FaceTime before actually deciding to meet up, since we are both long distance (3hr drive). Ever since that day we’ve been together for 2 years and 2 months now. 

It has been overall amazing we are both in college pursuing our dreams. He is going for his Bachelor's Degree in Business and I am currently in the nursing program going for my Registered Nurse. It has been hard but we try to see each other every 2 weeks, we make time for each other even with school, work, etc. We never thought we’d come this far but everything is possible if you really love that person you won’t give up on them!


Advice I would give others looking for love on Chispa is to be patient out of everything because the right person is out there it just takes time. There is someone out there for you! 



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