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❤️Meet Camila and Jhonathan❤️

Updated: Jan 31

Our Roots 🇲🇽 🇦🇷

We are both Hispanic - he is from Mexico and I (Camila) am from Argentina.

Tell us your Chispa Story. 🥰🥰 

Jhonathan and I met at the end of 2021 online. I lived in Orlando and he lived in Kentucky. His pictures

really attracted me to him and even more when it said he was 2 miles away. Come to find out he was on a

vacation with his family and was leaving the very next day so we did not even get to meet. That bummed me out

and immediately told myself this would not go anywhere. Fast forward when I got on a plane and

went to meet him in person. After that it was back and forth for us as well as our first out of the country vacation

and made it official in 2022 as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I decided to move to Kentucky and as of 2023 I have made the move to Kentucky and we have closed the distance. We really connected when we first messaged each other because of the way he was interested in getting to know me as a person and to be able to relate to so many things. Meeting each other in person was like we had already met before.

Our Connection 💘✨ What made you feel so connected?

We both have a lot of things in common when it came time to talking about our past and the things that we both wanted for the future.

Our Consejos 💯📲 Any advice for others looking for love on Chispa?

Nowadays most people meet online, my advice is do not give up on finding the right person. You might have to go through a lot of swipes but your someone is out there. But when you are not expecting it one day you will swipe not knowing that if your other half you are destined to be with.



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II tried to pay for the service for 3 months and it never let me subscribe!

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