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Getting to know your media naranja

Hola chisperos!

You’ve been wondering what’s behind that sonrisa coqueta 😻 you just spotted on Chispa? Does your new match love gatitos y perritos as much as you do? Are they novio material 🤔?

Sometimes a cute smile y un ‘a ver que pasa’ isn’t enough to make us like a person. We know that it takes more than flirty eyes to let our chispa shine through ✨, and that’s why we just added our new Profile Fields! 🙌🏼

Share more about yourself and learn more about your matches to help you break the ice with a little more than un hola 👋🏼 . Find out if you can share a chela 🍻or a Zumba class on the first date 🏃🏽‍♀️ . Discover if they are searching for new friends o el amor de su vida 🔥

Whether you are looking to bring someone to your tías these holidays 🤷🏻‍♀️, or only pasar un buen rato , our new Profile Fields are here to help you 💘! Check them out now on your Chispa profile settings!

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