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Chispa presents "Fluent in Amor"

¡Hola Fam!

Earlier this week, we debuted Chispa’s new brand campaign, which celebrates the unique duality of US Latinos.

‘Fluent in Amor’ honors the experience felt by millions of bicultural singles who are equally proud of their Latin and American identities. Known as “the 200%,” our community understands what it means to be de aquí y de allá.

The film was directed by April Maxey, a proud Latina & LGBTQ+ advocate. It features beauty and fashion influencer Daisy Marquez; actress, singer, and advocate Amara La Negra; life coach and RuPaul Drag Race Pit Crew member, Bruno Alcantara, and top Gen Z content creator Pau Torres.

The campaign punctuates the message that 200%ers, who have spent their lives adeptly coexisting within two cultures, understand love in any language.

Can’t get enough? Check out our exclusive BTS video where our talent spills todo el chisme about dating and why they decided to participate in the Chispa campaign.

Meet Daisy Marquez, Meet Pau Torres & Meet Amara La Negra by clicking more on the link below and tell us what you think about the campaign!

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