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2024's Dating Game Changers: From Hard Launches to Naked Sundays

Are you readers ready to embrace the future of dating? 

Chispa’s resident relationship expert Gabriela (Gabi) Reyes, LMFT, is championing the evolution of dating with these everlasting insights. As we prepare for the new year, we are pioneering a return to authenticity that celebrates self-expression and honesty.

Below are Gabi’s “Top 6 Dating Trends for 2024”. These trends are more than fleeting fads—they're the answers to the modern dating conundrums.

Hard Launch Dating

For the past few years, there has been a sort of embarrassed undertone when seeking a partner. People are having trouble with or feeling ashamed of admitting that they want to find a partner. Being happy alone and ‘dating yourself’ are wonderful. Really, getting to know yourself is powerful. We as humans, however, are not supposed to be alone. The need for company and partnership is basic to our human biology. It’s ok to want to find a partner. It’s ok to want a relationship. It’s ok to not want to be alone. Say it louder for the people in the back.

Pro tip: If your friends, friend’s partners, co-workers, gym buddies, and moms friends all know you’re single and ready to mingle, they’ll be more likely to think of you when their cute friend mentions that they’re single and dating, or when they are loving a new dating app!

Bringing Ghosts Back to Life

I don’t know anyone who loved the ghosting trend, but I know plenty who hated it. I’m seeing so many people who are refusing to let others get away with ghosting and I’m living for it! Don’t let someone you were building a connection with ignore you in hopes you’ll disappear. So many young people are calling out these downright awful and lazy attempts at ending things. It’s honestly overdue.

Pro tip: Have a little note on your phone with a few responses to being ghosted. Here are some examples:

  • You can keep it light: Are you trapped under something heavy? Should I send help? If that isn’t the case, you should probably add ‘ghosting’ to the hobbies on your dating app. 

  • OR very real: “hey, I’m not really feeling this.” – an easy example of a message you can send instead of ghosting someone. It’s rude and unnecessary!

No Third Date Rule

“No sex until the third date.” Such an outdated rule created by people who perpetuated the idea that once women ‘give it up’ men will be less interested in them. As though the only thing they had to offer was sex. Have sex whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so. Basically, do what you want and screw the 3rd date rule. Pun intended wink

Pro tip: Check in with yourself throughout the process of dating someone new. Journaling about how you’re feeling is great way to do that. Writing helps us go further than the ruminating thoughts we leave in our minds.

Monogamous Apping

Dating fatigue is real and rampant. Especially with so many dating apps and so many choices on said dating apps. The endless choices are usually a pro but it can feel very overwhelming when you have a folder on your phone with 5 dating apps and 10 people messaging you on each. That’s where Monogamous Apping comes in. Use one app at a time and give it a few months before you delete that app and download a different one. If you’re seeing more traction on Chispa, delete all the other apps and focus on that one for a few months. Didn’t find what you were looking for and you’re getting close to feeling some dating fatigue? Delete Chispa and download Hinge for a few months. 

Pro tip: Only talk to 3 people at a time to really give them the attention any new relationship needs.

Say It In Spanish / Dilo en Español

Spanish is known as a romance language for a reason. It’s downright sexy in its melodic sounds and softness. You can tell someone off in a whisper and somehow, it still sounds romantic. Use this language to your advantage. Even for those of us who are bilingual will find that there is something that sets a significantly different tone when you switch to spanish.

Pro tip: Jump on Chispa App to make sure you find yourself a Spanish- speaking hottie to test the theory. Have a preference for accents Chispa App displays a little flag letting you know where the people you’re matching with are from so you can pick your favorites and ask them to decirlo en español.

Naked Sundays

Kinda like lazy Sunday but way more fun. The idea that you dedicate Sunday’s to your love life is nothing new. ‘Dating Sundays’ is a trend we’re seeing a lot of beyond just the first Sunday of the year. Naked Sundays is a bit of a twist on that. Whether you’re dating someone, in a long-term relationship, or single & ready to mingle, Naked / Dating Sundays can be a great way for you to connect to your sexuality. Naked with your partner or with yourself. If you’re feeling sexy and giving off that energy in your conversations with the guy/gal on your dating apps, that confidence can go a long way. 

Pro tip: When you orgasm, your body releases Oxytocin (the “love hormone.”) It makes you feel happier and more connected. Just sayin’.

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