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Today, We Are Celebrating!

Saludos, Chisperos!

Today kicks-off el mes de la Herencia Hispana and we wanted to be here and raise our glasses 🍻 to celebrate YOU 👑!

This month, we pay tribute to our roots and to the contributions of nuestra cultura Latina and…. pos guau….we have a lot to celebrate 🍾! What started as a short celebratory week back in 1968 (gracias, President LB Johnson 🙏🏼) is now a full month of recognition (gracias al Presidente Reagan in 1988 😬). Nuestra gente makes meaningful and positive impact in every single area 💯, from arts to business, from politics to economy and science and more 💪🏼. Y eso, mijo, deserves un party todo el año 🥇!

Latinos are the DNA and soul of Chispa; our reason for being. In context of these celebrations, the Chispa team continues to renew our commitment to support and elevate our community all year round, to help Latinos meet their media naranja or a new group of friends for the perreo, and to make Chispa the best app so that your dating experience is chisme-worthy 💗. ¡Salud!

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