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It’s a Match! Meet Sal, Chispa Marketing Fellow

¡Hola Chisperos! My name is Sal. I am a senior at California State University, Long Beach studying Consumer Affairs with a double minor in Communications and Marketing. With the assistance and matching of INROADS, I am so excited to be part of the marketing team at Chispa to gain hands-on experience and learn about the business of amor❣️



Why I Joined

I joined Chispa because of my passion for amplifying diverse voices and driving social change in our Latino community. On-campus, I served as President of the Hispanic Students Business Association and found a calling to connect students to opportunities. It is incredible to now be part of connecting Chispa members to find el amor de su vida through social media and marketing campaigns ⁣💘

Nuestra Cultura

The Chispa team is made up of influential Latin leaders ready to help you all connect with others in our community. As a Mexican-American, I look forward to continuing to share the Latino experience in America. From getting asked ‘y el novio/y la novia’ to saludando los 50 tios, tias, y primos, we all share similar experiences that make us unique in finding a match.

Coming Soon…

As this year's program is remote, I am excited to be in California while working with a team based in Texas! What I look forward to doing during the next three months are 👀

  1. Continue Entertaining 🤩

    1. As we continue finding new ways to entertain us via TikTok, I am proud to seek new trends and potential influencers to keep you all entertained too. Let’s see what is out in the TikTok World 📲

  2. Getting to know you!

    1. Nuestra cultura is so similar yet so different! Do you think of bread or tortilla and cheese when you hear quesadilla? Do you prefer Horchata or Jamaica? Or do you know any fun facts about your Latin country? Let’s see it all via our interactive stories 🤩

  3. Continuing the conversation

    1. This is the first of a new summer blog series. Want to know what makes dating a Latino/a so exciting? Or how about some post-quarantine dating tips/ideas? Whatever it is, let’s keep the platiqua going this summer ☀️

  4. Supporting singles and the business con mucho mucho amor

As la cuarentena is nearing a close, I want to support you all in your dating efforts. Be sure to take surveys on Chispa, DM us your dating stories, reach out if you are a Chispa couple. We want to support you all in finding amor ❤️‍🔥

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Steward Austin
Steward Austin
Sep 15, 2021

I love Chispa

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